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Dashain & Tihar Greatest Festivals of Nepal

Dashain and Tihar-Greatest and the Second Greatest Festivals of Nepal

Dashain-the Greatest Festival of Nepal

Nepal has always remained popular among worldwide tourists because of its unique culture and various traditions. Even people of this Hindu religion country celebrate varieties of festivals and each of them has its own huge significance. Especially, the greatest festival of Nepal is Dashain and the second great one is the Tihar. In this blog post, you will get an overview of both of these festivals celebrated popularly in Nepal.

Dashain, as mentioned before is the greatest festival celebrated with huge enjoyment and zeal in Nepal. People celebrate the festival for about 15 days every year in October month and first, seventh, eighth and tenth day of the festival are important. On the first day, Nepalese welcome Goddess Durga by following the ritual of Ghatsthapana and worshiping the deity for the following 9 days. After 9 days, the main day arrives i.e. Vijaya Dashami or simply Dashami i.e. the day, when Goddess Durga fought hard and obtained victory from evil demons.
Furthermore, on the the day of Vijaya Dashami, senior members of any family put Jamara and Tika to give blessings to young members of their families, while young members of the family get special money referred popularly as Dakchhina. In addition, the day is similar to a family reunion, where every individual enjoys with different types of tasty foods, fly kites and play cards. Other than giving opportunity to reunion of friends and family members, Dashain festival allows working individuals to get some time to relax and rejuvenate towards the life.

Tihar-the Second Biggest Festival of Nepal

Tihar is another popular and beautiful festival celebrated among Hindu people. It is the second biggest festival of Nepalese people after the most popular festival of Dashain. People of local area and priests also called Tihar as the festival of lights. During the occasion, Nepalese make city areas to appear clean and wonderful with the presence and fragrance of marigold flowers.
Every year, Tihar festival comes in either October or November and Nepali people celebrate it for five days. During the initial four days, Hindus worship 4 animals i.e. Kaag Tihar i.e. Crow Tihar, Gai Tihar i.e. Cow Tihar, Kukur Tihar i.e. Dog Tihar and on the main day, they worship Wealth Goddess Laxmi and Laxmi Goru Tihar i.e. holy Ox Tihar.
Finally, on the 5 day, they celebrate Bhaitika that signifies as well as carries a huge significance for the concern and love between sisters and brothers. Accordingly, sisters put Tika of seven colors on the forehead of their brothers, while pray for their long life and happiness. Indeed, Tihar festival brings tons of happiness in Nepali people. Along with this, Nepalese play Deusi-bhailo and try to welcome the Goddess of Wealth i.e. Goddess Laxmi in the best way with the aim to get positivity and happiness in their lives.