Chitwan is a district in the southwest corner of the Bagmati Province of Nepal. Its administrative centre is Bharatpur, which is the second-largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu. Its area is 2,238 square kilometers and its population was 579,984 in 2011.

A popular tourist destination in Chitwan is Bish Hazari Tal. This area is home to a wide variety of rare plants and animals. You can learn about the animals and plants at the Wildlife Display and Information Center. You can also take part in elephant rides. Boating is another great activity. The Chitwan National Park is an ideal destination for those who enjoy the water.

The Chitwan district is also famous for its medical facilities. It boasts several top-ranked medical institutions. Bharatpur Municipality, for example, is known as the medical capital of Nepal. It is home to the B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital at Krishnapur, as well as the College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur and Chitwan Medical College. As a result, hospitals in Chitwan are second only to Kathmandu in terms of quality. Some of these hospitals include Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan Eye Hospital and Bharatpur Medical College.

The climate in Chitwan is generally temperate, but there are times when it can become hot. Temperatures can reach 40degC during the summer and the humidity can be very high. Monsoons are not conducive to travel, so you may want to plan your visit during the winter months. During this time, temperatures are pleasant but cold at night.