Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, located in a valley beneath the Himalayan mountains. Indra Jatra is a religious festival with masked dances that takes place every year in the old town of Krishna nagar. Durbar Square is the center of the old town, where the festival becomes frenetic during Indra Jatra. The devastating earthquake of 2015 destroyed much of the historic city. In the heart of the old city, however, the Kasthamandap, which is being rebuilt, is among the city’s historic sites that are being reconstructed.

Kathmandu Royal Palace

On Kathmandu’s central square lies the royal palace, one of the city’s most important buildings. There are several museums in the palace that provide insight into the city’s history and the kings that once ruled it. The palace, temples, and courtyards of the palace remain beautiful even though some of the buildings collapsed in the 2015 earthquake.

Culture of Kathmandu

As well as being rich in culture, the city has a rich history. The diversity of Nepalese culture can be seen in its temples and its residents. As October approaches, the festival season begins. Locals are friendly and welcoming, and you can start a friendly conversation with anyone. Namaste is a Nepalese greeting that builds instant friendships. In the city, you can also find some great art and craft shops.

Transportation System of Kathmandu

There are several transportation systems in the city. The Tribhuvan International Airport is located 25 km west of the city center. In addition to domestic flights, it also offers international flights. Kathmandu had a population of 671,846 in 2001. There were 1,081,845 people living in the metropolitan area. Many ethnic groups live in the city, including the Chhettri people, the Brahmans, and the Magar people.