The district of Nuwakot lies in midwest Nepal, on the banks of the Trishuli and Tandi rivers. It is a popular tourist destination and is the base for treks into the Himalayas. Here, you can explore a variety of cultural attractions, including the Nuwakot Monastery.

The main temple in Nuwakot is 400 years old and was built during the Lichchhavi dynasty. It features pagoda-style architecture and was hand-crafted by local artists in the Bhaktapur area. In addition, the temple is famous for its gold roof, which is said to contain 30 tolas of gold. In 2015, a massive earthquake severely damaged the temple, so it is currently undergoing reconstruction.

While in Nuwakot, you should not forget to take in the spectacular mountain views. The town is surrounded by 7 mountain peaks, including the highest Chhyarkun Chuli. You can take a walk on the terraced hills to admire the scenery, and you can also see the peaks of the surrounding mountains.

There are a number of beautiful sites to see in Nuwakot, including the old Malla Durbar Square and the Saat Talley Durbar. You can also experience a unique way of life in this area by staying at one of the numerous homestays.