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You can spend a relaxing day at the Sukute beach in the early parts of spring or in the early autumn or winter. Under bright blue skies, sunbathing on the beaches of the Bhote Koshi River will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. In the wild and turbulent tropical canyon north of the camp, the upper Bhote Koshi River cascades

Sukute is located just 70 km from Kathmandu along the Bhotekoshi River, also known as Sunkoshi River, right after Dolalghat. Within two and a half hours, it is possible to drive there from Kathmandu. For corporate and leisure travelers from Nepal and abroad, there are some resorts with eco-friendly environments.

Major Attractions

Saga Mahadev

There is a statue of Lord Shiva called Saga Mahadev in Saanga, near the borders of Bhaktapur and Kavre districts. The statue is 108 feet tall, and it is supposedly the tallest Shiva statue in the world. This structure has a combined height of about 144 feet, including the base. It is a popular destination for visitors because it has a children’s park and other recreational features. 

There is an amazing view of the valley, mountains, and lush green fields about half an hour from Kathmandu from here.


A small town with a long history, Dhulikhel is located at 1,440 meters above sea level. Over 500 years have passed since it was founded. A place of charm and beauty has been created by the artistic skill and urban ethic of its Newar inhabitants. Pavgoda temples, sloping tile roofs, bare-brick houses, and sacred statues line the streets. As if you have wandered into a theme park, you will think you have stumbled into a cultural experience.


Kathmandu is just a few kilometers away from Dolalghat, a beautiful place. A place with quiet and peaceful river flowing between two peaks, Dolalghat is often considered as a picnic spot.Also popular for fish items.

Sukute Beach’s Resorts, and Hotels

One of the most popular overnight stays near Kathmandu valley is Sukut. Sukute is a popular overnight destination for both domestic and international travellers during the season. While traveling, it is also imperative to choose the right hotel to stay at. This is why we provide you with information about some of the most well-known hotels in Sukute.

You can spend the night at Sukute Beach in a variety of ways. In contrast to hotels, these accommodations offer a variety of services and amenities. Different types of recreational activities are also offered by different hotels in Sukute.

Families, friends, and loved ones usually decide to spend some quality time together in Sukute. And to escape the crowded city and enjoy nature. Additionally, Sukute is an excellent location for business meetings and seminars. It is also important to choose a hotel that meets your requirements.

The most popular accommodation at Sukute is the tent camp, but you can also stay in a hotel room overnight. It is highly recommended that you choose tented camps if you have never stayed at one before. If you are a luxury traveller, hotel rooms are your best bet. Swimming pools are available in almost every hotel in Sukute. In addition, some hotels offer different recreational activities, such as beach volleyball, table tennis, swimming pools, etc.

Sukute Beach Resort

You can’t go wrong with Sukute Beach Resort as a weekend holiday destination if you love rafting and camping. Additionally, they provide school and college students with an international camping experience. As soon as you reach Sukute Beach Resort, you will see the hotel. There are 3 private swimming pools at the resort, along with beach volleyball, swings, and many other activities.

Sukute Beach Resort's Swimming Pool
Sukute Beach Resort’s Swimming Pool

Day Package at Sukute Beach Resort

Get away from the overcrowded city with a Day Package at Sukute Beach Resort. A complimentary breakfast and lunch is provided while you are staying at Sukute Beach Resort. It is also possible to add rafting to the day package.

Sukute Beach Resort Overnight Package

Sukute Beach Resort’s overnight stay package is one of its most popular packages. Expenses associated with transportation to Sukute are excluded. This overnight stay package does not include the cost of rafting. The overnight stay package at Sukute Beach Resort includes breakfast, lunch, welcome snacks, and dinner.

Sukute Beach Resort Rafting Package

Sukute’s most popular activity is rafting. There are meals included in this package, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light snacks. There is no additional charge for tented accommodation. Guests can also pay an additional fee to stay in luxury rooms.

Sukute Beach Resort’s other optional activities

Sukute Beach Resort offers a lot more than just beach fun. You can enjoy a swimming pool at Sukute Beach resort without any additional charges. You can also have an amazing time with your loved ones at a number of beautiful tables nearby the Sunkoshi river.

Maya Beach Resort

You can stay overnight at Maya Beach Resort during your stay at Sukute. After crossing the suspension bridge over the Sunkoshi river, a 10-minute hike will bring guests to the resort. They can also cross the river on a raft if they prefer.

Maya Beach Resort
Maya Beach Resort

Nature lovers will find this to be one of the most peaceful places away from the highway. Maya Beach resort is spread across 113 Ropani and offers a lot to explore. Their customers can choose from a variety of packages. Maya Beach resort offers the following packages as some of its most popular products:

Maya Beach Resort Day Package

Those who have a limited amount of time and are still waiting to enjoy Sukute can take advantage of the day package. Maya Beach Resort offers day packages that include breakfast and lunch. There is an additional charge for other services, such as rafting and kayaking.

Overnight Package at Maya Beach Resort

Maya Beach Resort offers overnight stay packages as well. There are many packages available at Maya Beach Resort, but Overnight Package is the most popular. In addition to dinner, tent accommodation for two people, campfire, and breakfast, the overnight package also includes dinner. In the meantime, rafting incurs an additional fee.

Rafting Package at Maya Beach Resort

Maya Beach Resort also offers Rafting, like other hotels around Sukute. Besides the rafting boat and gear, they also have a rafting leader and instructors. Maya Beach Resort’s rafting package also includes photos and videos.

Maya Beach Resort offers other optional activities

Maya Beach Resort offers more than just rafting and camping. A bike ride at Sukute is a great experience at Maya Beach Resort, with its huge area. Bicycles can be brought from home or rented from the hotel. In the same way, you can also go fishing in your leisure time. The Maya Beach resort is also home to a private pond where you can observe different species of birds.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

In addition to offering excellent services and quality food, Bhotekoshi Beach Resort is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. Spending the weekend here is one of the best things to do near Kathmandu.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort
Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort Day Package

There is an excellent offer for the day package at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort. Bhotekoshi Beach Resort offers a great environment and a lovely garden for guests to explore. The Constantly flowing Sunkoshi river makes it even more spectacular to have lunch or breakfast there.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort Overnight Package

During your stay at Sukute, you can also spend a night at Bhotekoshi Beach resort. Bhotekoshi Beach Resort offers a variety of rooms and tents. In an overnight stay package, you will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and welcome snacks. In the Bhotekoshi beach resort, you can stay in safari rooms or standard rooms.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort Rafting Package

It is possible to do rafting from Bhotekoshi Beach Resort as well. You will receive a briefing from a rafting instructor before you leave for rafting. Bhotekoshi Beach Resort offers rafting packages that include breakfast and lunch.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort offers other optional activities

There is no extra charge for swimming at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort since it has a private pool. Almost every weekend, there is a live D/J session. During your stay at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort, you can also play snooker in your free time. A barbecue can also be done here with mushrooms, chicken, pork, fish, and mutton.

River Bay Rafting & Resort

Among the excellent options for staying in Sukute is River Bay Rafting & Resort. Rooms and tents are plentiful and the area is large enough to spend the night. A nice place to get away from the crowds and the busy city life. Plenty of parking and BBQ areas are available. Visiting this place is a wonderful way to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones.

River Bay Rafting & Resort
River Bay Rafting & Resort

Day Package at River Bay Resort

Regular day package at River Bay Resort is one of the popular ways to spend your day out of the crowded city. Lunch, snacks, and breakfast are included in the River Bay day package. The day package at River Bay resort excludes the cost of transportation and rafting.

River Bay Resort Overnight Package

The overnight stay package at River Bay resort includes tent camping, breakfast, light snacks, lunch and dinner. Standard rooms are also available, but there is an additional charge. A river bay resort overnight package does not include transportation or rafting costs.

River Bay Resort’s rafting package

River Bay Resort offers a popular rafting package. In a similar manner, rafting packages can be combined with breakfast and lunch. In addition to the cost of rafting, breakfast and lunch are included, but transportation is not included. River Bay Resort also offers overnight rafting packages.

River Bay Resort offers other optional activities

River Bay Resort also offers extra activities. It is also possible to enjoy a private swimming pool at river bay without having to pay extra. In addition to playing pool and table tennis, guests can also enjoy playing pool during free time. There are also some other facilities available for the children, such as slides and seesaws. River Bay Resort also offers a variety of BBQ options.

Sunkoshi Beach Camp

There is no doubt that Sunkoshi Beach Camp is another amazing place to spend a night at Sukute. There are many options available for customers at this amazing hotel at Sukute. Sunkoshi Beach Camp offers rafting and camping as its main attractions.

Sunkoshi Beach Camp
Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Day Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

For those looking for a day away from the crowds of the city, Sunkoshi Beach camp offers an ideal day package. In the Sunkoshi Beach Resort’s day package, breakfast, lunch, and light snacks are included.

Overnight Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

A night at Sukute Beach camp can be spent in a tent or a luxury room. You can also stay in a standard safari tent. Meals are included in these packages, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also included in this overnight stay package are Meals and accomodation costs.

Rafting Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

The Sunkoshi beach camp offers a variety of rafting packages. Transportation costs are not included in this package. In the meantime, breakfast and lunch will not be charged extra.

Other Available Optional Activities at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Sunkoshi Beach Camp is equipped with swimming pools, which guests may use at their convenience. Aside from the activities offered at Sukute Beach camp, there are no hidden fees. For music lovers, there are also live DJ sessions every evening.

Sukute Beach Packages

You can spend quality time at Sukute Beach, which is located only 70 kilometers from the capital. Moreover, its packages have also contributed to its popularity in recent years. There are several hotel packages available at Sukute for its visitors. With such packages, anyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy Sukute all year round.

Sukute Beach Overnight Package

Sukute offers a variety of overnight accommodations. You can stay overnight at Sukute in either the tented camps or luxury rooms. Among the tourist packages in Sukute, overnight stays are very popular.

It’s even more exciting to spend a night on the shore of the Sunkoshi river while being surrounded by natural wonders. You can participate in activities such as camping and rafting during your overnight stay.

Sukute Beach Day Package

Sukute is an ideal day trip destination since it’s not too far from the capital. It is one of the best day tours in the country due to the breathtaking views you get along the way to Sukute. 

It will only take you three hours to drive to Sukute along the Araniko highway. While you’re on your way to Sukute, you can see the magnificent Shiva statue. There are several activities that can be added to the Sukute day package, including river rafting.

Rafting Packages at Sukute Beach

There are many activities you can do at Sukute, including rafting. White water rafting is popular on the Bhotekoshi river in Nepal. When you raft from Sukute on the Bhotekoshi river, you experience three to four-class rapids.

Rafting at Sukute Beach
Rafting at Sukute Beach

Throughout the year, you can raft at Bhotekoshi. From September to October, however, you can gain a much better understanding of the subject. A white water rafting trip in Sukute is sure to be thrilling if you’re searching for such a thrilling activity. The majority of visitors to Sukute choose rafting over kayaking.

Other Activities at Sukute Beach

White water rafting is popular in Nepal at Sukute Beach. Rafting and kayaking are the most popular activities in Sukute during the autumn season in Nepal. 

You will pass through many rapid tides during your 2 hour rafting trip on the Bhotekoshi river from Sukute. Sukute Beach also offers beach volleyball. The Bhotekoshi River bank is a popular spot for visitors to play volleyball in the sand. Sukute hotels all have swimming pools.

Sukute Beach Attractions and Activities

Sukute is known for its camping and rafting activities. Whether it’s relaxing with a drink, dancing and listening to music, everything at Bhotekoshi is worth experiencing. It is always possible to talk with the locals about their culture and lifestyle if you want to learn more about it. 

Sukute Beach offers a variety of activities. You can go rafting, kayaking, swimming, playing ping pong, volleyball on the beach, swinging, eating, drinking, and camping. Make sure you look for an event that will boost up your experience. There are many events and special occasions there. 

In the past decade, Sukut Beach has emerged as one of the most incredible destinations near Kathmandu valley. Previously, there were very few accommodation facilities and few activities in Sukute. 

However, the context today is different. Sukute Beach is a popular place for small friend gatherings, large picnics, corporate events, outings, and leisure activities. In addition, people travel to Sukute to enjoy festivals such as Holi, Shivaratri, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, and so forth. 

Young people in Nepal are slowly embracing the outing culture. It is very desirable to have a touch of nature in a remote but accessible settlement during the busy life of an urban settlement. Sukute Beach is now a popular place for people to spend their weekends and organize gatherings and functions.  

In addition to that, Sukute’s hotels and resorts are famous for their hospitality. At Sukute, you can take part in the following attractions and activities.

Riverside Accommodation

A peaceful place near the Kathmandu valley, Sukute is located on the bank of the Sunkoshi river. For adventurous campers looking to camp near a river, Sukute is an excellent choice. There are also romantic evening walks along the riverbank that are perfect for couples.


In addition to white water rafting, Sukute offers other exciting activities for adventure seekers. Sukute offers white water rafting at a price of Rs 1,200 per person. An adrenaline rush awaits you if you raft Sunkoshi River’s three to four grades with lots of tides along the way.

You will be helped in every situation by your instructors and experienced rafting guides and you will make a life-long memory while rafting.


Visitors can jump, swim, and abseil down the waterfall when canyoning, one of the popular water thrills. The activity is among the least known to visitors at Sukute. 

Sukute is surrounded by amazing waterfalls for canyoning experiences. Whether you choose to swim or slide, canyoning at a Sukute is sure to give you an amazing experience.


Among all the places in Nepal to camp, Sukute is the most popular. In addition to excellent camping facilities, it is conveniently located near the river.

Camping is available at almost all of the hotels in Sukute, and they have always been well received by their guests. There is nothing like it when it comes to camping experiences, and the sound of the Sunkoshi river flows continuously throughout the night ensures an unforgettable experience.

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports that can be played with your family or friends at Sukute Beach. As opposed to volleyball, indoor beach volleyball involves playing on sand, which is more interesting. 

Beach volleyball is almost always tried by visitors to Sukute. Beach volleyball is not offered by all hotels in Sukute. Therefore, we recommend that you check the hotels that offer beach volleyball as an extra activity.

Meditation and yoga

This peaceful place on the river bank is a great place for a peaceful night’s sleep. Sukute beach also offers yoga and meditation, which are popular activities.

There is peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for yoga and meditation in the morning.

How to Reach Sukute Beach from Kathmandu?

Sukute can be reached by both public and private transportation. From Kathmandu, however, it is best to hire a car or jeep to get to Sukute. From Kathmandu, it takes about 2-3 hours to reach Sukute by private vehicle. You will need more time if you choose public transportation.

Route Details

The road to Sukute is stunning and is located about 70 kilometers from Kathmandu. The journey to Sukute includes stops in Bhaktapur, Sanga, Dhulikhel, and Dolalghat.

Sukute Beach can be reached from Kathmandu by following the Araniko Highway. Another attraction on the drive to Sukute is the tallest Shiva statue at Sanga. A short road trip to Sukute will give you the chance to see jaw-dropping mountain ranges and green lush forests along the way.

Vehicles Options

Sukute can be reached by a variety of vehicles. For groups of 2-4 people, renting a car is the most convenient way to reach Sukute. In the same way, if you are traveling with 5-8 others, you can rent a jeep.

Whenever there are more than 8 travelers and fewer than 14 travelers, it is best to use a Hi-Ace. Also, if the number of visitors is large, it is best to hire a bus. Increasing the number of travelers lowers the transportation cost, so it is better to travel in a group. 

A motorcycle can also be used as a means of transportation. Alternatively, you can take a public bus from Ratna Park and then catch another bus from Bhaktapur bus park.

Vehicle Price

If you are traveling with 2-4 people, renting a car is the best option and it will cost you about Rs 5,000 to get to Sukute. It is best to rent a jeep that can hold 5-8 passengers, which costs about Rs 8,000. 

As well, Hi-Ace is the best option if you have more than 8-14 passengers and the cost to get to Sukute is about 12,000 dollars.

While on the other hand, Hi-Ace charges Rs 15,000 for overnight accommodation. Sukute can be reached by public bus from Bhaktapur for approximately NPR 800.

Best time to visit Sukute Beach

There is almost no time of year when Sukut beach cannot be visited. The landscape of Sukute cheers visitors no matter what season it is. Spring is a great time to visit Sukut, especially if you want to go rafting. 

Spring is considered to be the time of year in Nepal between March and May. It is a good time of year to visit with good weather and little chance of rain. During rafting, you will definitely experience an adrenaline surge because of the rapid river flow.

The Autumn season is another ideal time to visit Sukute. It gets quite cold in Nepal after the end of the monsoon season. Sukute is the ideal place to enjoy a day away from the crowds, sitting on the bank of a river and chilling in the sun.  

The monsoon season is not the best time to visit Sukute. The rainy season makes it difficult to do most activities like rafting, canyoning, and BBQ.

Book Sukute Beach with Us

Holi, the festival of colors and water, is almost fully booked in hotels in Sukute. There are still some dome tents available, so book your package as soon as possible by dialing 986365556.

The number of seats remaining is limited. Sukute Beach Resort is now accepting reservations. Bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking.

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  • The Bhotekoshi River offers white water rafting.
  • You will find yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Campfires and tented camps are available for accommodation.
  • You can have a good time dancing and listening to music with your family and friends.
  • Various extracurricular activities are available, including beach volleyball, swimming, and table tennis.

Drive to Sukute Beach

As we drive to Sukute (69km from Kathmandu), we will check in, have some light snacks, and rest. Enjoy swimming, music, and dancing by the campfire in the evening. Overnight and dinner.

Breakfast, Lunch, Rafting and Drive Back to Kathmandu

After breakfast, you can go for rafting or walk around Kathmandu with an additional cost before returning to Kathmandu. You can go rafting for Rs 1500 extra if you are interested. It is recommended that you check out by noon. Additional charges may apply if you wish to extend your stay.

  • Private Transport
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Evening Music/Swimming Pool/Pool Table
  • All the other facilities available inside the resort
  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Rafting

Multi day


Tour's Location

Sukute Beach, Kadambas

Are swimming pools available at Sukute?
Swimming pools are available in almost every hotel in Sukute.
What is the price of a night stay at Sukute?
Sukute hotels charge different rates, but the starting price for a tented camp is Rs 1,800 per person per night.
How is the room at Sukute Beach?
Sukute Beach's rooms are excellent. Luxury rooms as well as tented camps are available.
What is the Cost of Rafting at Sukute?
You can raft at Sukute for 1,500 per person.
How Far is Sukute from Kathmandu?
The distance between Sukute and Kathmandu is 70 kilometers and takes about two hours to drive.
Does the hotel charge extra for using the swimming pool?
Swimming pools at the hotel are free of charge. Moreover, there are many indoor games such as pool, snooker, and table tennis that you can play for free.
What are the recreational activities that can be done at Sukute?
Based on the hotel you stay at, you can participate in beach volleyball, beach football, table tennis, pool, snooker, etc.
What types of accommodation are included in the price?
Tents are included in the cheapest package. The other option is to go with a deluxe room with a higher price tag.
Does Sukute Beach need advance reservation?
It is possible that there will be a large number of travelers visiting during the weekend, however, if you are traveling during the weekend. Reservations should be made in advance for Sukute beach resort and depart as early as possible.
What types of Vehicles will be used for this trip?
The usual number of people we carry in a car is 2-4. Our Sukute Beach Tour Package includes Mahendra Scorpio for people from 4-8, coaster for people from 9-24, and Sukute bus for people over 24.
Is the Bhotekoshi river safe for Rafting?
As per the Information We have, Rafting at Bhotekoshi River is safe and, You don't need to worry about your Safety. Safety is our Uppermost Priority.
What is there to do at Sukute Beach?
At Sukute Beach, you can play pool-boards, carrom chess, table tennis, and swim in the pool. Besides beach volleyball, the hotel has a dartboard, dancing room, projector screen for live games, and chess.


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